What to do when you are FORCED out of routine

I’m a morning person. I live roughly 6am to 10:30. That’s my spot; my comfort zone. However, over the next month that will change – drastically. Instead of a morning jog, coffee, and a book, I’ll jump into a foreign routine at 10am and operate until 3am.

I told you it was drastic.

Staring at my laptop in the middle of the night just isn’t my thing. It’s hard to focus. So I teeter, back and forth; In and out.

I turn to excuses.

Man, you’re in a job.

You’ve “worked” all day.

Take a break. Kick back and relax. It’s all good.

Then I remember that I’m 20. And that rolls over and over again in my head. I’m 20. I’m 20. I’m 20.

Come again, how old?




And I remember that I make statements like: I want to build a company. I want to change the world. I want to have a massive impact.

And, according to me, those aren’t empty words. They are truths. They are my promises.

I will build a company. I will change the world. I will have a massive impact.

Holding myself accountable, I cannot afford 4 hours of daily escapism viewing the arrow; regardless of how much I justify watching Oliver Queen as a product of having to stay up late.

I “just can’t think” at 2am isn’t good enough for me.

Because here’s what I know.

Want to find out how committed you really are to your dreams?

Rip up your schedule and trash your routine.

Because routines are just that, routine. Any fool can thrive in routine. It’s rinse and repeat.

But when chaos sets in. When you’re FORCED to adapt. Things change.


And it becomes a game of 1 on 1. Your dreams vs your present.

It’s THE most important game any dreamer plays. Because life will never be steady long enough for you to smoothly reach your dreams.

It’s like the All State insurance commercial. Mayhem is everywhere. It knows no proper time, place, or person. It just strikes.

You can’t allow any environment to dictate what you do. An excuse is an excuse. Sure, some are better than others. But it doesn’t matter. Because – say it with me – an excuse is still an excuse.

In the space of a day, you can find the hour to read 7 habits. You have the time to call that potential customer. You absolutely can write your next blog post.

But do you want to? Because that’s ultimately the determinate of whether you will or you won’t.

The game is always live as a dreamer. No routine and no environment can dictate what you do.


We have to make things happen.


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Much love


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